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The Food Truck Experience

Invite Up in Your Grill onsite for Your Event!
•The Up in Your Grill food truck will be onsite for approximately 3 Hours (1 Hour Set-up, 1.5 Hour Window Service, .5 hour break down).
• Window service times: Lunch 11:30 AM-1:00 PM or Dinner 5:30 PM-7 PM (different window times can be scheduled when available).
• Each meal is served in individual take-out boxes (convenient to take home leftovers) and includes a napkin & utensil set.

Dates subject to availability. Book as far in advance as possible to secure your date.

For more information:
Or call: 603-493-3191
(when calling please try to avoid busy lunch (11-2 PM) or dinner (4-7 PM) times.  We’re serving up BBQ!  Reach us anytime on Monday or Tuesday (we’re usually closed).  Thanks!

Serving it up